Alkame's why:

Enhance your body, refine your life

Here at Alkame we believe nourishing your body with natures own bounty is essential to not only your physical health but also to the health of your mind and complete wellbeing.

When we provide our body with the clean nutrition it thrives on, you feel good on a cellular level which facilitates a happy and healthy mind and body, and ultimately an enriched life.

Plants and herbs are nature’s ultimate health boosters and can help you feel more energised, capable, strong and confident.

Handful of plant, black background

Want to help the planet while you save $?

Choose our compostable refill bags for your next purchase and save 15% off your order. CODE: ecopack2

Alkame's whole mission is to do right by our Mother Earth. We strive to use as little plastic and recycle as much as possible.

Thats where the compostable refill pouch comes in. Same amount of supplements but 15% off for choosing the enviro friendly way.

When you have popped your supplements into your jar from first purchase you can then plant the pouch in the ground with organic laden soil or add it to your compost heap at home, the choice is yours.

This way its a win for you and a win for mother nature!