Our Why

We're all about natural wellness with no nasty surprises

Alkame (Pronounced Alchemy but spelt a little more funky...) was founded to help you thrive through life's ups and downs naturally without the nasty side effects.
Here at Alkame we bring you naturopathic created health and wellness blends. Each batch is created by hand so that only the freshest, high quality ingredients are chosen.



                                 Our story

Everything starts with nature. 

Without it, you cannot breathe fresh air, shade from the sun, explore all corners of the world, reach your goals, or even handle the stress of daily life. 

From my own experiences and working alongside others, I realized the importance of protecting and improving our health through the natural goodness that our world provides

While studying and working long hours in jobs that did not sustain me on all levels, I encountered stress, depression and heightened my own endometriosis diagnoses. 

After diving into the world of Naturopathy I knew I was not alone in facing these everyday life problems. 

I desperately wanted products that would help improve my mental, physical and emotional health, but with many supplement brands focusing on enhancing physical appearance, this vital aspect of health was being overlooked. 

This led me to experiment with different solutions, combining ancient Ayurvedic and Naturopathic wisdom with modern clinical research to create products that worked. 

And Alkame was born. Every formulation is crafted by a Naturopath and has clinically-proven effects of elevating your health and wellness. Each supplement is designed to be effortlessly integrated into your daily self-care rituals.

Growing up on a farm was the best way to get our foot in the door to being in tune with nature. Most plant and herbs are grown locally in Otago organically (just the way plants and the planet deserve it), every tropical plant that can not be grown in our regions climate is sourced ethically and organically in NZ.

We believe in helping you improve your inner glow so you can feel your best, wherever you are in your journey.

Hannah, Founder



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